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Sustainable Consumption Institute

Marc Hudson

Marc holds two undergraduate degrees, one from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and the other from the University of Salford.

He worked for more years than he cares to admit as a healthcare professional in the NHS.

He is keen to produce work that is both intellectually rigorous and socially useful.

Research title

United States and Australian Coal Industry responses to the threats of climate change (1988 to 2014): An analysis using the "Dialectical Issue Life-Cycle Model".

Research project

Marc Hudson

The research Marc is undertaking is concerned with the responses – technical, political, economic, social – made by coal industry companies in Australia and the United States in response to climate change since the late 1980s.

More precisely, he is testing and refining the Dialectical Issue LifeCycle (DILC) model, a novel heuristic framework that builds upon previous “issue attention cycle” theorising. Empirical work will (probably) involve:

  • archival work
  • discourse analysis
  • interviews
  • other techniques.