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Sustainable Consumption Institute

Waterloo Place, Oxford Road, The University of Manchester

Discover Society special issue showcases SCI research

7 January 2016

The SCI’s Dale Southerton and Dan Welch have guest edited a special issue of online magazine Discover Society on sustainable consumption. The issue includes contributions from 15 SCI researchers, as well as contributions from colleagues further afield.


  • Dale and Dan introduce the issue with an essay on ‘New Directions in Sustainable Consumption’ which draws out the SCI’s distinctive ‘reconfiguration’ approach
  • Victoria Johnson and Frank Boons provide the issue’s Policy Briefing, assessing the track record of the new Government and suggesting an innovative approach to sustainability policy appraisal
  • Marc Hudson interviews Matthew Bell, CEO of the Climate Change Committee
  • Sherilyn MacGregor asks why gender matters in energy consumption research?
  • Jessica Paddock and Alan Warde speculate on the future of eating out
  • Luke Yates challenges assumptions about the environmental threat of diminishing household size.
  • Why do sustainable transport innovations flourish in some places and not in others, ask Mike Hodson and Andy McMeekin
  • Victoria Johnson and Frank Geels draw out lessons for low carbon policy from the diffusion of biomass district heating in Austria
  • The sustainability challenges of the rise of Chinese consumer society are explore by the SCI’s Alison Browne, along with colleagues Leonie Dendler, Zhu Di, and Dunfu Zhang
  • The topical issue of household food waste is explored by Jennifer Whillan’s analysis of a major SCI survey. And are we just too busy to be sustainable, ask Dale Southerton and Jo Mylan
  • Harold Wilhite (University of Oslo) looks at sustainable consumption in the Indian context
  • Steve Connor, CEO of Creative Concern, reflects on the agency’s sustainability communications work
  • Margit Keller (Tartu University) and Bente Halkier (University of Roskilde) explore our struggles forconsumer competence in a media saturated world

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