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Sustainable Consumption Institute

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Discover Society - edited by Alan Warde and Luke Yates

7 September 2016

The latest edition of Discover Society is out today and has been edited by the SCI’s Alan Warde and Luke Yates.

In this edition of Discover Society, Alan Warde and Luke Yates bring together research reports and commentary on the subject of food and eating. What and how to eat are among the most portentous issues facing individuals and societies.

People are concerned because, in the over-used words of Brillat-Savarin, ‘we are what we eat’. We emerge from our eating experiences with bodies of varying shapes and sizes, a susceptibility to illnesses, cultural identities and a sense of belonging, taste preferences, sometimes political unease and depleted wallets.

The articles in this edition address a variety of currently important and contentious issues associated with the production, distribution and consumption of food, matters of environment, of trade and food security, of profit, of taste and of social relationships. Food is a topic which constantly crosses the boundaries between economy, politics, nature and civil society and is therefore a powerful lens on the contemporary world.

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