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Former SCI visiting fellow releases new book

18 November 2016

Former SCI Visiting Professorial Fellow Maurie J. Cohen, Professor of Sustainability Studies and Director of the Program in Science, Technology and Society at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has released a new book, 'The Future of Consumer Society'.

Consumer society in the United States and other countries is receding due to demographic ageing, rising income inequality, political paralysis, and resource scarcity. At the same time, steady jobs that compensate employees on a salaried or hourly basis are being replaced by freelancing and contingent work.

The rise of the so-called sharing economy, the growth of do-it-yourself production, and the spreading popularity of economic localization are evidence that people are striving to find new ways to ensure livelihoods for themselves and their families in the face of profound change. Indications are that we are at the early stages of a transition away from a system of social organization predicated on consumerism. 

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