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SCI academic releases new book

23 June 2017

We are delighted to announce the publication of The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Environment, edited by the SCI's Sherilyn MacGregor.

Routledge Book of Gender and Environment

Other members of the SCI, namely Susan Cassini, Katrina Farrugia and Anna Wienhues, were involved in assisting its production in the final stages.

The Handbook is a major accomplishment. It was four years in the making and is a state-of-the-art survey of an important field of environmental scholarship.

It is comprised of 34 chapters on a diverse range of challenging topics by world-leading academics working in many different humanities and social science disciplines.

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Here is a selection of praise from leading scholars.

Betsy Hartmann, Hampshire College, USA

"This impressive collection breaks new theoretical, political and policy ground in the exploration of gender and environment.

"In challenging us to look beyond conventional narratives, the authors chart new feminist ways forward in this critical time of climate change and right-wing ascendancy.

"The keys to the future found here unlock our imaginations, allowing us to envision and start building a more just, peaceful and sustainable world."

Betsy is Professor Emerita of Development Studies and Senior Policy Analyst, Population and Development Program, at Hampshire College, USA.

Carolyn Merchant, University of California, USA

"This remarkable, insightful, and comprehensive handbook analyses the history, problems, and frameworks that characterize the complex relationships between gender and environment.

"An impressive assemblage of feminist writers from around the world provide powerful insights into the meanings of connections between women, gender, and nature as they have emerged in recent decades.

"Anyone interested in the history, politics, and real-life examples surrounding ecofeminism will want to read this book." 

Carolyn is Professor of Environmental History, Philosophy, and Ethics at the University of California, USA.

Dianne Rocheleau, Clark University, USA

"Sherilyn MacGregor’s Routledge Handbook of Gender and Environment is more than a reference work, it’s a great read.

"It encompasses the full gamut of gender and environment scholarship over more than three decades. The articles range from meditative and reflective to incendiary and revolutionary, each conveying key insights from engagement with a mix of social movements, activists, and theorists committed to social and ecological justice.

"MacGregor’s introduction is a peerless summary of the issues and debates, and Giovanna Di Chiro’s concluding chapter on the white (M)anthropocene is a stunner!"

Dianne is Professor of Geography at Clark University, USA.

Irene Dankelan, Radboud University, Netherlands

"More than 30 years of exploring gender and environment interfaces have brought us many different insights and interpretations. This inspirational handbook offers a wide and in-depth overview of feminist analyses and approaches on environment.

"It will help scholars, students, activists and policymakers to comprehend related politics, policies and practices and build a just and sustainable future."

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