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Sustainable Consumption Institute

Waterloo Place, Oxford Road, The University of Manchester

Event: Addressing the Meat Problem: What Role for the Social Sciences?

12 October 2017

A workshop organised as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science to showcase current research and develop dialogue with stakeholders on the topic of meat consumption, non-meat consumption and sustainability.

Meat consumption exerts considerable environmental burden on the planet. This problem is rising on the research agenda across multiple social scientific disciplines including sociology, geography, social psychology and innovation studies. NGOs, the food industry and citizen-consumers are also increasingly engaged with the topic. In this context efforts to influence meat consumption are currently underway including attempts to persuade consumers to change eating patterns through awareness raising campaigns, documentaries, and the provision of alternative protein products. As yet however, these efforts have had done little to reduce UK meat consumption. Consequently, collaborative discussion about how emerging insights from social scientific research might contribute stimulating the required changes, offers benefits to both the academic community and wider society. 

This half-day event aims to brings together academics working on meat-related research with stakeholders engaged with stimulating changes in food consumption in order to exchange knowledge and generate opportunities for future research, using:

• 'Lightening talks’ by academic researchers

• Panel discussion with industry experts

• Participant generated video capturing insights from the event

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