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Sustainable Consumption Institute

Anna Wienhues

Anna holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Essex, and an MSc in Global Governance and Ethics from University College London. She commenced her PhD studies in Politics, funded by a stipend as a graduate teaching assistant at Keele University. In January 2016, she transferred her studies to the SCI.

Research title

Life in Common: Distributive Ecological Justice on a Shared Earth

Research project

Anna Wienhues

Anna's research is located in the fields of environmental political theory and environmental ethics, with a particular interest in distributive environmental and ecological justice in the context of scarcity of environmental goods and spaces.

Against the backdrop of the current sixth extinction crisis, Anna addresses the question of what constitutes a just usage of ecological space when taking into account claims of justice held by nonhuman living beings such as animals and plants.

Selected Publications

  • Wienhues, A. (2017) ‘Sharing the Earth: A Biocentric Account of Ecological Justice.’ Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 30 (3), 367-385.

Current undergraduate teaching

In 2018 Anna is a Senior Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate course unit ‘Introduction to Political Theory’ at The University of Manchester.