Constantinos Kritiotis

Constantinos joined AMBS and the SCI as a Postgraduate Research Student in 2019. He holds a MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship and a BA(Hons) in Marketing Management.

He hopes that his PhD journey will allow him to learn new things, improve as a person, and become better in all aspects of his life. He is very grateful for being part of AMBS and the SCI and is very grateful for being given this opportunity to research an area that fascinates him.

Research Title

How are Digital Platform Innovations Reconfiguring Urban Mobility Systems?

Research Project

Constantinos Kritiotis

Just having started his PhD and being a couple of months into his studies, his research topic is still in the process of being shaped and finalised. That being said, the general idea is that his PhD project will aim to bridge innovation studies and urban studies; focusing more specifically on understanding how digital platforms are impacting and possibly reconfiguring urban mobility systems.

With the majority of the world’s population living in urban areas, pressure is being created for cities to find new ways to organise their services and become more sustainable and future-oriented. Start-ups, big business and local governments are taking this increase in urban population as an opportunity to offer products and services that can possibly make lives in busy cities more organised and efficient. But the reality is far from being that simple. With the introduction of new digital platforms that promise cities and their inhabitants a change for the better; private companies and governments gather information and data that slowly turn into money and then money into power. Existing infrastructures and ecosystems are threatened and the future of cities, for better or worse, is dictated by the vision of a few powerful actors.       

Focusing on the mobility domain and on the emergence of digital platforms as a new business model; this (still under construction) PhD project will attempt to theoretically and practically investigate how platforms are being experimented, within particular cities, and the implications for urban mobility transitions.

Research Interests

Innovation Management (Business Strategy, Business Model Innovation, Resistance to Change), Urban Sustainability Transitions (Mobility and Digital Platforms), Marketing Management (Consumer Behaviour and Brand Management).