Ema Johnson

Ema graduated with a distinction in her MSc in Environmental Governance from the University of Essex in 2015.

Ema Johnson

This master's degree was centred around the interconnecting governance needed between social, political and ecological domains when facing global environmental sustainability.

Ema received an award from the SCI to complete her PhD at the Institute, commencing in September 2015.

Her research interests are centred on sustainable and innovative ways of provisioning food in dense urban areas containing shared and solo households.

Research title

Alternative models of food provisioning systems and their capacity to transition to a more sustainable food system.

Research project

Ema's research project is in regards to alternative modes of food provisioning outside the home, with a specific focus on modes of provisioning meals for older adults. Her research question asks: What is the role of meal provisioning in the creation and maintenance of a sense of belonging for older adults, especially those who live alone?