Joanna Flavell

Joanna successfully defended her PhD thesis, ‘from gender blind to gender bind: political strategies of the Women and Gender Constituency in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’, in December 2020. She is now teaching International Political Economy in the Politics department at the University of Manchester.

Joanna Wilson

Her master's degree was in Environmental Geography, with a particular focus on gender and climate change. To this effect, her thesis project took a feminist look at the UK’s climate change policy, and presented an intersectional feminist tool for ensuring gendered consideration are considered more widely in climate change politics.

Prior to studying in Amsterdam, Joanna gained her undergraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen.

Research project

Joanna is continuing to research gender and climate change in her PhD, and her thesis project is concerned with tracing ‘gender’ throughout COP events beginning with the Paris Agreement.

She will be researching the ways in which gender is, or is not, inserted into climate change politics with a particular focus on the process of how this happens. In other words:

  • who or what holds the power in negotiations?
  • how has this power been challenged?
  • what success have such challenges have had?
  • how can feminists continue to challenge this to ensure a feminist vision of climate change politics?