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Sustainable Consumption Institute

Ulrike Ehgartner

Ulrike graduated from the Karl Franzens University of Graz, Austria, with an MA in Sociology and an MA in Media Education.

Her master's thesis in Education dealt with consumers' motives in relation to ‘good food’, in order to reconsider the understanding and the aims of ‘education for sustainable development’.

She has also worked on sustainable food consumption and current trends in food, health and wellness.

Research title

Environmentally and socially responsible consumption? A study on the discursive construction of values towards sustainability.

Research project

Ulrike's PhD research is on stakeholders’ language in the context of sustainability and consumer responsibility, exploring the discursively (re-)produced ethics, norms and beliefs, and their relation to wider moral and political ideas.

Research interests

Ulrike Ehgartner

Ulrike is interested in the discourses on environmentally and socially responsible consumption, particularly in the concepts of:

  • consumer choice
  • political consumption
  • the green, ethical and critical consumer.

Focusing on the food sector, she is also interested in corporate social responsibility and diverse initiatives to change patterns of consumption.


  • 2014: Ernährungsalltag und Lebensalltag : Untersuchung der Motive und Werteorientierungen von KonsumentInnen im Hinblick auf die Bildung für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung [Everyday food and everyday life: Research on consumers motives and values to promote the concept of education for sustainable development]. Vienna: Forum Umweltbildung im Umweltdachverband. Forum Exkurse 11.
  • 2017: (with P. Gould and M. Hudson) On the Obsolescence of Human Beings in Sustainable Development. Global Discourse, 7, 66-83.

Undergraduate teaching experience

  • 2012 (Karl Franzens University of Graz): Empirical Research Methods
  • 2017 (Department of Sociology, The University of Manchester): SOCY10462 Global Social Challenges