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Sustainable Consumption Institute

Materialising sustainabilities

In 2018-2019 The Sustainable Consumption Institute is working towards a new research agenda for our next phase as an institute.

The theme is 'Materialising Sustainabilities, Re-imagining Futures', which captures our aim to deepen and extend our thinking about the urgent socio-technical and political challenges of our time.

In the process of developing this new agenda we are engaged in a series of activities, including funded research projects, academic workshops, public engagement events, hosting international visitors and consultation with key stakeholders within and beyond academia.

Public engagement

SCI Festival

At the end of this process we are holding a half-day ‘SCI Festival’ to celebrate over a decade of cutting edge research and to launch our new research agenda.  The event will involve a series of short talks and discussions about ideas, practices, strategies and innovations for changing dominant modes of provision and moving towards more sustainable societies. 

The date for the SCI Festival is Wednesday 5 December 2019. More information.

Academic visitors

  • Dr Manisha Ananthraman - Saint Mary’s College of California
  • Dr Rachel Trajber - National Early Warning and Monitoring Centre of Natural Disasters, Brasil
  • Prof Harriet Bulkely – University of Durham
  • Prof Neil Carter - University of York
  • Dr Kersty Hobson – Cardiff University
  • Dr Katherine Wheeler – University of Essex
  • Dr Bogumila Hall - COSMOS, Florence
  • Dr Lucie Middlemiss - University of Leeds
  • Dr Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier - Sciences Po Paris
  • Prof Steffan Boehm - University of Exeter
  • Dr Harry Pitts - University of Bristol
  • Prof Ian Cook - University of Exeter
  • Dr Geoffrey Pleyers - University of Louvain
  • Dr Ingolfur Blühdorn - WU Vienna
  • Dr Priska Daphi - Bielefeld University
  • Dr Viviana Asara - WU Vienna
  • Prof Femida Handy – University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr Itay Greenspan – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Prof Jaco Quist – Deflt University of Technology
  • Prof Igor Nikolic – Delft University of Technology
  • Dr Andrew Bollinger – Empa Materials Science & Technology, Switzerland