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Spotlight on the latest blogs from across the Institute.

To tackle inequality, we must first understand the exploitation that creates it
3 July 2018
We need a theory of exploitation fit for the twenty-first century, argues Mark Harvey.

Why France banned meat names for vegetarian alternatives
14 May 2018
France recently passed an amendment to its Agriculture Bill, prohibiting any product that is largely based on non-animal ingredients from being labelled like a traditional animal product.

Can a city ever be truly ‘carbon neutral’?
17 April 2018
Following the Greater Manchester Green Summit, Sherilyn MacGregor and Joe Blakey ask whether the vision of a ‘carbon neutral’ city-region is all that it appears.

Greater Manchester’s Green Charter: The Responsibility of Whom?
16 April 2018
In wake of Andy Burnham’s Green Summit, Julia Kasmire investigates whether the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) will take the necessary steps to take responsibility for achieving carbon neutrality.

The SCI organised a workshop on the topic of meat consumption, non-meat consumption and sustainability as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences.
9 April 2018
Whilst there is a broad consensus amongst academics and other experts that meat needs to be addressed as a social-ecological problem, the minutiae of how to do so are less certain.

Planet 50:50? Linking labour and environment this International Women’s Day
8 March 2018
This blog by the SCI's Sherilyn MacGregor was originally posted for International Women's Day March 2017.

On the ‘Meat Edge’? Meat Consumption and Reduction in Middle Class Urban China
2 March 2018
Drawing on insights from a qualitative study of meat eating in urban China, Alison Browne, Josephine Mylan and Zhu Di suggest there is a need to re-think the dominant view on changing consumption.

Environmental feminists taking up space at Conference of Parties (COP)
9 January 2018
SCI PhD researcher Joanna Wilson reports back, suggesting that the voices of environmental feminists remain sidelined, despite the conference being branded as ‘inclusive’ and ‘participatory’.

Blog: How to solve the ‘monster’ fatberg problem
27 November 2017
Fatbergs – enormous solid masses of oil, grease, wet wipes and other hygiene products that congeal together to cause major blockages – are wreaking havoc on the sewers of cities around the world.

Blog: The real story behind the huge crowds gathered at iPhone launches
6 November 2017
Apple's special edition iPhone X release – what sane person would queue overnight for an over-priced, at best incrementally-changed gadget?

Blog: Reflections on the ‘Relating to Nature’ workshop: Considering the nonhuman within political theory
10 October 2017
From 11 to 13 September, The University of Manchester hosted its annual Manchester Centre for Political Theory Workshops (MANCEPT).

Blog: SCI at the British Sociological Association Conference 2017
29 September 2017
Jessica Paddock reports on SCI contributions to the BSA on home turf in Manchester

Blog: The International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2017
29 September 2017
Cameron Roberts reports on IST 2017 and the SCI’s contributions

Blog: The SCI at the GRF: 'Sustainable Lifestyles, Livelihoods, and the Circular Economy'
29 September 2017
Wouter Spekkink reports on the third international conference of the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption

Blog: The European Sociological Association 2017
29 September 2017
Dan Welch reports on the SCI’s contribution to the ESA’s 13th biennial conference in Athens

Blog: Sustainability: the new alchemy?
26 July 2017
Julia Kasmire asks what sustainability and alchemy have in common? And what does this mean for the sustainability movement?

Blog: Small steps for creating community resilience - The Make Do and Mend Expo
12 July 2017
In June, Dr Helen Holmes held The Make Do and Mend Expo – an interactive event that brought together third-sector organisations to debate the future of community resilience.

Blog: Re-making Greater Manchester sustainably
23 June 2017
How might the newly elected Mayor of Greater Manchester remake Greater Manchester sustainably? Joe Blakey reflects on a recent workshop by the SCI’s Mike Hodson and Sherilyn MacGregor in his latest blog post.

Blog: From meat-free days to meat-free diets?
15 June 2017
Last Monday was World Meat Free Day. In the first blog of the SCI’s new website, Jo Mylan and Nicklas Neuman argue ‘Meat Free’ days are only one piece of broader puzzle of how to limit the effects of industrial meat production.

Blog: Following the action: an approach for studying the coordination of practice
19 May 2017
A principle methodological challenge for any research is the identification of the core unit of analysis and the ‘entry point’ for empirical enquiry. Both depend on the research questions to hand. For the study of practices these challenges are particularly acute.

On the 'Meat Edge'? Meat consumption and reduction in middle class urban China
2 March 2018
Drawing on insights from a qualitative study of meat eating in urban China, Alison Browne, Josephine Mylan and Zhu Di suggest there is a need to re-think the dominant view on changing consumption.

Blog: Overcoming ‘speciesism’: how to include other living beings
30 March 2017
In this contribution, Anna Wienhues and Steffen Hirth use theoretical considerations from philosophy and sociology to explore the ways in which ‘the nonhuman’ is – or is not – taken into account.

Blog: Turning climate governance upside down
12 January 2017
A rethink of contemporary wisdom on governing the climate is increasingly urgent. Successive climate summits, strategies, targets and action plans have been implemented, but the chances of staying within anything like safe temperature increases are diminishing fast.

Blog: Renewables in South Australia: blame games and framing battles
30 November 2016
With South Australia’s increase in renewables blamed for a blackout caused by high winds, Marc Hudson examines the ‘framing battles’ taking place in Australia.

Blog: Divestment, destabilisation, decarbonisation?
19 May 2017
With The University of Manchester considering divesting its assets from fossil fuel related industries, Viki Johnson considers whether divestment can really destabilise an industry.