Our academic and research staff are involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching across The University of Manchester.

In addition, our vibrant learning environment supports independent and collaborative research through training activities and postgraduate supervision.

Undergraduate course units

Taught master's course units

Postgraduate research

We attract PhD students from a diverse array of countries and disciplinary backgrounds, fostering a collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment.

Under the guidance of our academic research staff, our PhD students engage in independent projects and actively participate in events such as researcher fora and work-in-progress seminars.

Your supervision will be undertaken by at least one member of our esteemed academic research staff, with your registration and hosting occurring in the most suitable School aligned with your PhD topic.

As we do not host PhD students directly within the institute, you must choose a relevant PhD programme, which you can do so by following this link, then apply to become a member of the SCI.

We can assist you in finding the right course and a suitable academic to supervise your PhD.

Our institution boasts an outstanding international reputation, a proven track record of pioneering research, and a dynamic, intellectually rich research atmosphere, positioning us as an ideal destination for doctoral students.

We provide a comprehensive range of academic offerings, including lectures, seminars, workshops, and masterclasses presented by both our faculty and visiting experts.

Participation in ongoing research, training activities, and collaborations with researchers on related projects is strongly encouraged for all members of our academic community.

Supporting these endeavours is a dedicated team of highly skilled academic and administrative staff.

In addition to discipline-specific research training, our doctoral students benefit from our well-rounded early career researcher model, complemented by foundational skills training sessions covering topics such as article, blog and grant proposal writing, CV development, and media engagement.

These sessions, available to all our members, augment the School and discipline-specific training we provide.