Our four research themes explore how reconfiguring consumption and production systems can contribute to less resource-intensive ways of life.

Placing consumption in the foreground of our research allows us to better understand human needs, values, practices and habits, informing the drive to create more sustainable societies.

However, this focus is balanced with questions surrounding the production, supply and distribution of goods and services - these factors shape how people live their everyday lives, and are in turn shaped by consumption.

"Digitalisation is driving new patterns of consumption, putting in place new forms of delivering services and goods, such as platform businesses and the Internet of Things. The current period of transformation provides unique opportunities to make changes towards more sustainable modes of provision."

Mat Paterson / Director, SCI

"Bringing resource use within planetary boundaries requires a radical rethinking of practices of production and consumption. We study contemporary solutions to unsustainable modes of provision ranging from community networks for reuse and grassroot innovations like repair café’s, through to systems innovations in areas such as food, mobility and energy."

Mat Paterson / Director, SCI