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Spotlight on the latest news from across the Institute.

PhD Studentship: How are digital platform innovations reconfiguring urban mobility systems?
4 February 2019
SCI’s Mike Hodson and Andy McMeekin have recently been awarded an AMBS PhD Studentship that addresses the question: how are digital platform innovations reconfiguring urban mobility systems?

Event: Exploring Lost Property
12 November 2018
An exciting event exploring the everyday objects we love and lose.

France bans meat names
15 May 2018
France recently banned meat alternatives like ‘soya sausages’ from being labelled like a traditional animal product.

Can a city ever be truly ‘carbon neutral’?
18 April 2018
Greater Manchester was initially aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050, but Mayor Andy Burnham has suggested this should be brought forward by at least a decade.

Greater Manchester’s Green Charter: The Responsibility of Whom?
16 April 2018
In wake of Andy Burnham’s Green Summit, Julia Kasmire’s blog considers whether Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) will assume responsibility for the environmental problem.

Frank Geels selected as Lead Author by the IPCC for its 6th Assessment Report
11 April 2018
The SCI’s Professor Frank Geels has been selected as a Lead Author of the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC*).

On the ‘Meat Edge’? Meat Consumption and Reduction in Middle Class Urban China
6 March 2018
In our latest blog, Alison Browne, Josephine Mylan and Zhu Di suggest there is a need to re-think the dominant view on changing consumption, drawing on a study of meat eating in urban China.

New SCI video from workshop 'Addressing the Meat Problem'
11 January 2018
A short film of the SCI hosted ESRC Festival of Social Sciences event.

Environmental feminists taking up space at COP
10 January 2018
In our latest blog, SCI PhD researcher Joanna Wilson reports back from COP23, suggesting that the voices of environmental feminists remain sidelined, despite the conference being branded as ‘inclusive’ and ‘participatory’.

SCI to host IST 2018
5 December 2017
The Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) and Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) will host the 9th International Sustainability Transitions Conference at the University of Manchester.

How to solve the ‘monster’ fatberg problem
28 November 2017
In our latest blog, @dralibrowne (and collaborators Mike Foden, Matt Watson, David Evans and Liz Sharp) suggests that greater collaboration is needed to deal with the ‘monster’ fatbergs that are wreaking havoc on our sewers.

The real story behind the huge crowds gathered at iPhone launches
6 November 2017
In our latest blog, PhD Researcher Harald Wieser suggests there is more to iPhone X queues than meets the ‘i’.

SCI Newsletter - Autumn 2017
18 October 2017
The latest SCI newsletter is now available.

Event: Addressing the Meat Problem: What Role for the Social Sciences?
12 October 2017
Thursday 9th November, University of Manchester

Recruiting a Post-doctoral Research Associate
4 October 2017
The Sustainable Consumption Institute are currently looking to recruit a Post-doctoral Research Associate with particular focus on environmental practices in everyday life, such as those related to food, waste, energy, transport, and citizenship.

Conferences Digest: From Athens to Oslo (via Manchester)
29 September 2017
We take a look at the SCI’s contributions to the 2017 conference season

We must accelerate transitions for sustainability and climate change, experts say
22 September 2017
Policy Forum in Science suggests that rapid changes in electricity, heat, buildings, industry and mobility are needed.

SCI academic releases new book
23 June 2017
The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Environment, edited by Sherilyn MacGregor, is available now.

Frank Geels joins Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency
14 December 2016
Out of 190 applications, five new members have been invited/appointed.

Former SCI visiting fellow releases new book
18 November 2016
Maurie J. Cohen's latest release is called 'The Future of Consumer Society'.

Discover Society - edited by Alan Warde and Luke Yates
7 September 2016
The latest edition of Discover Society is out today and has been edited by the SCI’s Alan Warde and Luke Yates.

New ESRC project with University of Sheffield and the SCI
11 July 2016
New ESRC project with University of Sheffield and the SCI Reshaping the domestic nexus at home: engaging policy understandings of kitchen practices and how they can change.

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