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Sustainable Consumption Institute

Students at Whitworth Park.

Postgraduate research

We are home to more than 20 PhD students from a wide variety of countries and disciplinary backgrounds.

Our PhD students work closely with supervisors on independent projects, and regularly get involved in activities such as researcher fora and work-in-progress seminars.

While you will be supervised by at least one member of our academic research staff, you will be registered in and hosted by the most appropriate School for your individual PhD topic.

Current thesis titles

  • Variations on a potato: Surplus and the production of value in agri-food supply chains - Patrick Gould
  • Alternative models of food provisioning systems and their capacity to transition to a more sustainable food system - Ema Johnson
  • Trajectories of water and energy consumption in China - Harriet Larrington-Spencer
  • Assembling a circular economy: A mixed methods approach to social processes of transition – Sampriti Mahanty
  • Towards an intersectional analysis of human-nature relations - Magdalena Svetlana Rodekirchen
  • The temporalities of consumption and divestment - Harald Weiser
  • Gender and the UNFCCC: a curious feminist analysis - Joanna Wilson
  • Comparisons between British and Chinese supply chain managers’ cognitive frames and how they interact when making decisions – Chunhua Ye

Recently completed PhDs

  • Post-democratic carbon accounting: creating the climate for disagreement - Joe Blakey
  • United States and Australian Coal Industry responses to the threats of climate change (1988 to 2014): An analysis using the "Dialectical Issue Life-Cycle Model" - Marc Hudson
  • Environmentally and socially responsible consumption? A study on the discursive construction of values towards sustainability - Ulrike Ehgartner
  • Just footprints: distributing ecological space across species, place and time - Anna Wienhues

"PhD researchers make an essential contribution to our vibrant research environment."

Frank Boons / Director, SCI