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Magdalena Svetlana Rodekirchen

Magdalena graduated from the University of Manchester with a MSc in International Development: Environment, Climate Change and Development (Distinction). They received an award by the School of Social Sciences to complete their PhD, commencing in January 2019.

Their master’s degree centered on gender and environment research, with a particular focus on environmental conservation and climate change mitigation. To this effect, Magdalena’s thesis developed an intersectional lens for analyzing the discursive and material dimensions of payments for ecosystem services.

Prior to studying in Manchester, Magdalena gained a First Class BA in Political Science (Hons) from the Free University Berlin and McGill University.

Magdalena worked for various research projects at the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) in Berlin, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)/ Amazon Fund for Climate Protection and Forest Conservation in Brazil as well as civil society organizations focusing on sustainable development. 

Research (working) title

Towards an intersectional analysis of human-nature relations

Research project

Magdalena’s research is located within feminist political ecology and the emerging field of critical post-humanities, with a particular interest in intersectionality and research in more-than-human worlds in the context of environmental conservation for climate change mitigation.

Against the backdrop of challenges in researching intersectionality, on the one hand, and the post-political framing of climate change, on the other hand, Magdalena aims to develop an intersectional framework that integrates the more-than-human into analyses of environmental issues.

Research interests

Magdalena is interested in epistemological and methodological challenges of researching multi-dimensional systems of inequalities and difference in the context of environmental politics.


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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (eds.) (2019) Igualdade entre homens e mulheres em projetos de atividades produtivas sustentáveis apoiados pelo Fundo Amazônia/ BNDES. Final Report, March 2019.


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