Agent-based modelling for transition towards the circular economy

Julia Kasmire will work with Igor Nikolic and Jaco Quist from TU Delft in the Netherlands and the Circular Economy working group within the SCI.

Research proposal

Circular economy graphics

The group will develop a grant proposal around the following research questions:

  • How can we identify the winners and losers of a transition to a (more) circular economy?
  • How can the winners and losers be demonstrated to those planning a circular economy transition?

Research methods

Answering these difficult questions is expected to require suitable research methods such as:

  1. agent-based models and
  2. collaborative back-casting workshops. 

Nikolic and Quist will both come to the SCI from TU Delft to present seminars on the research methods and how they can be used to address the research questions, after which an intensive period of grant writing will follow.