Building bridges: Sustainability education in Manchester and Brazil

In March 2019 the Sustainable Consumption Institute will hold a series of activities designed to explore the contribution of sustainability education to circulations of knowledge on sustainable consumption and production within and between cities, countries and global regions.

Over this period, we will host Rachel Trajber, a Brazilian expert on sustainability education. Rachel leads the education programme at the Federal Government's Centre for the Monitoring of Natural Disasters (CEMADEN), based in São Jose dos Campos, São Paulo state and she previously worked for 9 years as the national coordinator for environmental education at the Federal Ministry of Education. Rachel is also part of a Brazil-wide research group on climate change and environmental education that brings together researchers from universities, government departments and civil society.

Colourful paint hand prints on a simple map

We will use Rachel’s visit to build links with the Manchester Environmental Education Network (MEEN), whose work with schools in Greater Manchester carries interesting parallels with CEMADEN’s disaster risk reduction (DRR) work with schools in Brazil. Together with MEEN, we will organise a one-day intergenerational conference on ‘Climate Change and the City’ as well as visits to schools and creative public engagement activities. Finally, using Rachel and MEEN coordinator Raichael Lock’s expertise as sustainability educators, we will explore ways to communicate ‘expert’ knowledge held by SCI researchers on aspects of environmentally-consequential consumption and production to school pupils and other publics in Manchester and Brazil.

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