Cultural cosmopolitanism

This research explores cosmopolitan cultural consumption among youth in Paris, Seoul and Sau Paulo.

Our aims

Photograph of a clothes shop frontage in South Korea.

Global interconnectedness enabled by economic systems, technological change, increased travel and migration, and complex flows of goods, data, and capital has had a great impact on lifestyles, social norms, and cultural ideologies in the most diverse regions of the world. Significant global changes in cultural consumption and exposure to a variety of symbolic meanings gave rise to the development of a cosmopolitan consciousness and cosmopolitan cultural dispositions.

We document cosmopolitanism among youth in global cities that represent an environment producing specialized services and places for consumption, in which the global gaze reaches out in different directions, west and east, central and peripheral. Our main question is how young people engage with otherness through cultural consumption.

Cross-national comparison

With Vincenzo Cicchelli (Université Paris Descartes-USPC / GEMASS), Sylvie Octobre (Ministère de la Culture et de la communication / GEMASS), Viviane Riegel (ESPM São Paulo), and Femida Handy (University of Pennsylvania) We explore possibilities and understandings of other cultures through consumption and motivations and implications to engaging in cosmopolitan cultural consumption. Data for this research are drawn from in-depth interviews conducted in each city during 2015-2016.

Project leader