Our work is published in a wide range of books, journals and reports.

Below, we highlight recent data on how research published by Sustainable Consumption Institute members performs in comparison with sustainability research institutes from the UK and EU:

SCI outputs are on average considerably more heavily cited (weighted by field) than papers from any of these other institutes (table 3) - over 30% more heavily cited than those from the next highest (SPRU at Sussex).

The SCI produces outputs that are much more consistently in the top percentile for citations among these institutes (table 4), around 50% more such papers than the nearest comparators along this dimension (Copernicus Institute regarding the top 1% of papers SPRU for the top 5% and top 10%).

The SCI produces outputs that are much more consistently in the most viewed papers than comparator institutes (table 5), especially those in the top 1% of viewed papers, where 30% more SCI outputs are in that range than the nearest comparator (Copernicus Institute).

We partner with a wide range of other groups and organisations beyond the Institute and The University of Manchester.

Some of these are collaborations with academic researchers around the world. We have recent and on-going collaborative relations with researchers at Lund, Stockholm, Melbourne, Ryerson, Haifa, and Toulouse Universities, among others.

Others are through our partnerships in broad networks of researchers in our field. Key networks for us are the Sustainability Transitions Research Network, the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative, and the Belmont Forum.